Adriano De Mello

Offline and Online Editor

A multi-skilled editor, experienced in both offline & online editing for broadcast & non-broadcast clients. A dynamic creative whose ideas, skills and experiences always enable him to produce excellent work. His dedication, determination & attention to detail help to ensure a smooth and enjoyable post session for all his clients.

Aido’s work ranges from anything from long-form broadcast programmes & features to commercials and promos. He works to an extremely high technical standard and creative flair to make sure that everyone leaves the suite with a smile on their face on the way to the pub. Having worked as both an offline & online editor, Aido brings both disciplines’ skills & expertise to every job which enables him to achieve excellent results.  A machine room background and history in post gives him the unique ability to assist in creating complex and bespoke workflows to help manage your projects both technically and pragmatically to ensure a smooth transition from pre-production to the shoot, production to post and offline to online.