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The Talent

We’ve drawn some of the greatest, award-winning individuals in the industry from across the globe. Whilst being able to work remotely worldwide, you can find Author Production studios in the UK, US, and The Netherlands. We formed a brand-new collective of specialised professionals for all your Post Production House needs.

Our ability to call upon studios across multiple time zones allows even the tightest of deadlines can be met for your projects and clients. Meet the team below!

Work – coming soon

A portfolio of work by our team shall be heading your way very soon but in the meantime, check out our team’s showreels and CVs which can be linked to from the talent page.


Our Colourists specialise in the industry’s leading Colour Grading Software, Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve.

Their world-class software allow us to manipulate light and feeling of a production by going far beyond basic colour correction.

We can quickly define “looks” with the assistance of real-time tools to turn raw images into cinematic pieces of art!

Whether it be an attended session or a remote grade, we have the best tools to enhance emotion and storytelling and bring your project to life with expertise across various formats.

Author Edit is formed of editors from all different skills and backgrounds, whatever the job, we will have the right person for it!

Using Avid, Premiere, DaVinci Resolve and FCP, we’ve established a watertight workflow and roundtrip between the creatives that will effortlessly transform content into the stories you want to tell.

We are using The Foundry’s NukeStudio and Nuke for all of our compositing.

Nuke is the industry standard tool used by many around the globe. It has a rich set of features designed to get the very best out of your images with pixel- perfect accuracy at the highest quality!

Nuke’s node based environment allows for huge flexibility and speed when it comes to editing images and has advanced collaboration features which allow us to connect to VFX artists anywhere in the world when we need to expand our team.

Nuke adheres to the VFX reference platform which makes it the perfect companion for colour accuracy and ensuring no data loss between the edit and the grading suite.

Author Productions have partnered up with Sound legends, Vaudeville.

Delivering all your audio needs such as Sound Design and Mixing for an array of projects.

Voice overs, ADR Recordings, 3D Immersive Mixing and Mastering for VR, Augmented Reality, 360 Film, Podcasts, Mixing in Stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos. They really will transform your project!


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